"Cape Bretoner Mike McKenna Jr is cut from the same musical cloth as Neil Young, James, Taylor, and other artists whose imaginative blend of fact and fiction produce timeless tales of love, longing, and a search for heart and soul. His voice sounds hewn from ancient Canadian timbers, his melodies are as solid as Precambrian bedrock and both are on fine display throughout Travelin Man"

- Quick Before It Melts

"McKenna’s voice is both powerful and gentle, gritty like Stan Rogers, and emotional like Conor Oberst. With Travelin Man, McKenna has accomplished the feat of mixing old and new, by making what’s relevant sound timeless."

- Grayowl Point

"Singer-songwriter Mike McKenna Jr. has a vocal grit and inflection and lyrical sensibility that brings a little bit of Nashville to Montreal, not to mention a down-beatin' roots rock band to back him up, but the swagger of the opening track of his debut EP is not the only speed McKenna runs at."

- The Modern Folk Music of America

Travelin Man

by Mike McKenna Jr

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Mike McKenna Jr is a soulful and often haunting balladeer, with a unique grit and power in his voice, a folky rhythm to his guitar playing, and an authenticity of his stories that has captivated listeners in his native Maritimes and around the North American folk community.

  1. 1 Take Me Home 04:50 Info
  2. 2 Little Things 04:13 Info
  3. 3 Just Breathe 03:25 Info
  4. 4 Travelin Man 05:00 Info
  5. 5 The Highway 03:25 Info
  6. 6 Die In The West 06:34

Coast to Coast! 

Throw em up for my first blog post!

Just got back from a long and yet beautiful trip on the train, traveling from Toronto to Vancouver and back as a Via Rail 'Onboard Artist'. If you're a Canadian musician and you've never tried it, it's a great program and it also runs from Montreal to Halifax and back, but compared to the West Coast trip it's a hop skip n a jump.

After spending years backpacking I had realized I'd never been straight across my own country, so this turned out to be a perfect space to promote the album but also to see the Prairies and the Rockies from an amazing viewpoint. Starting in Toronto I played a few sets each day in the lounge car, then some impromptu station shows as we stopped in Winnipeg and Jasper; both gave me the chance to walk around and explore, as I'd never touched down in Manitoba nor Alberta to this point. It really opened my eyes up as to just how big Canada really is... I hadn't felt like a doe-eyed Maritimer like that in a very long time.

I want to send a huge thank you to Via Rail, as well as all the friendly and interesting passengers I had the chance of meeting along the way; it made my journey unique and memorable and I'm grateful for all of you. When I landed in Toronto at the end, as I'd gone from TOR - VAN and back, I was quite exhausted (partially from balancing on a moving train while trying not to hit people with my guitar, and/or fall on my face aha) and eventually found a ride-share with room from a guitar-case and suitcase which took me back to Montreal.

So I'm alive and well, with a few newly penned songs in my pocket and I'm ready to start planning my next album! Stay tuned throughout the coming weeks, I'll be announcing it in much more detail. :)


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