Pacific Northwest Bound

Mike McKenna Jr

Dark and dusted off Maritime folk songs.
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"His voice sounds hewn from ancient Canadian timbers, his melodies are as solid as Precambrian bedrock." 

- Quick Before It Melts



"Singer-songwriter Mike McKenna Jr has a vocal grit and inflection and lyrical sensibility that brings a little bit of Nashville to Montreal." 

- The Modern Folk Music of America



“An authentic, golden, raspy voice that sings comfortably over folk-driven rhythmic guitar lines. His personal, nostalgic lyrics are wonderfully descriptive giving his music a relatable and also gorgeously humble tone.”

- Spotify


"McKenna’s voice is both powerful and gentle, gritty like Stan Rogers, and emotional like Conor Oberst. With Travelin Man, McKenna has accomplished the feat of mixing old and new, by making what’s relevant sound timeless."

- Grayowl Point




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