Mastered. Ready for release May 26th! 

It all flew by so quickly, but I've finally arrived at a point where my work on the music and video is finally complete.

Tomorrow will be the launch of our promo video for 'Pacific Northwest Bound', documented by my good friend and Montreal-based singer-songwriter Jesse Daniel Smith during our studio sessions in St-Côme. With electric guitar from Jesse as well as Colin-Savoie Levac, harmonies with Béatrix Méthé, upright bass from Frédéric Beauséjour, electric bass from Mark Haynes, and finally percussion from Eric Breton, we arrived at a complete and final mix. Simon and I spend a couple weeks sifting through all the takes, overdubbing, finishing and polishing each track, and eventually we bounced our final mixes in mid April. 

The mastering session at Le Lab Mastering in Montreal with Marc-Olivier Bouchard.. might have been the best listening experience I've ever had. Just the room, the speakers, the feeling of having completed the album and hearing how well he made them sound; it was a great feeling. I'm sitting now home in Cape Breton, getting ready to release the promo video tomorrow on Youtube, Facebook, Instagram and Vimeo.. and really can't wait for you all to see it!


Pacific Northwest Bound: In the studio! 

So its been a little over a month since we began, and with roughly 10 tracks under our belt I figured it's about time for a recap of our project so far. Firstly, I've been making the trek from my apartment in Montreal about 1 hour 45 min north to a little village called St-Côme, QC.. a place I hadn't yet heard of until meeting Simon, and as I first drove into the town I passed a sign reading 'the centre of traditional songs in Quebec', I knew this was the right place. I had met Simon Marion (the producer!) through friends of mine, members of the band Les Poules a Colin, actually two of whom have played on this album, and they really felt his style would gel with mine so we gave it a shot. 

Our studio is Simon's self-built cabin made from reclaimed wood, with a piping wood stove to keep us warm, plenty of high quality instruments, and of course this place was still a fully equipped recording studio. The sound in this room, with its 25 foot ceilings, was really incredible.. I didn't expect it to be honest. But aside from the environment, Simon and I really found a groove in terms of our working relationship.. and in the first couple sessions were able to get out some really special live takes, ones that were done in a single shot, and which had a certain mood we were looking for. As we progressed through the songs we would decide case by case whether or not to track the instruments individually.. (as we feel a live off the floor record can be very raw, but we wanted something just a little tighter for some of them).

After a couple weeks we brought in Béatrix Méthé (harmonies/fiddle) and Colin Savoie-Levac (electric guitar) to perform overdubs. It felt so refreshing to hear other musicians playing over these tracks.. and Simon really brought a darker and more contemporary vibe to these otherwise very folky songs, when he added some airy, hard panned synths and bass into the soundscapes. We had just one weekend before Colin and Bea were heading out to tour Australia with Les Poules a Colin, so we really got to work in those two days and found some really interesting sounds together.

Since then Simon and I have been back to recording additional songs, and only have another two left to go. It's really winding down, and we're looking to have the masters finished by about April 1st, and have a full album ready to go in keep an eye out on Facebook, as we'll be streaming live videos along the way!

New full-length album Spring 2017! 

It's been a great winter so far; a quiet but introspective few months for me to get back in a creative headspace, and right now I'm finally excited to announce I've been focusing on a new project, my first full-length studio album. 'North Americana' is a record that I've been slowly putting together over the past two years, while writing and collecting songs that are a culmination of my interests in North American history, in the stories that have been passed through my family, in the folklore of my native Maritimes and of some real life experiences as an often traveling, sometimes lost, sometimes heartbroken, but mostly doin' alright, millennial songwriter. 

I'll be working with a super talented, local Québec producer Simon Marion (Les Poules à Colin), and am really looking forward to his experience, creativity and proficiency in folk and in Quebec trad music, especially since most of these songs were written right here in la Belle Province. We can't wait to start dropping videos and photos of our project as it develops, so keep an eye out as we'll be releasing the first clips in February 2017!


Coast to Coast! 

Throw em up for my first blog post!

Just got back from a long and yet beautiful trip on the train, traveling from Toronto to Vancouver and back as a Via Rail 'Onboard Artist'. If you're a Canadian musician and you've never tried it, it's a great program and it also runs from Montreal to Halifax and back, but compared to the West Coast trip it's a hop skip n a jump.

After spending years backpacking I had realized I'd never been straight across my own country, so this turned out to be a perfect space to promote the album but also to see the Prairies and the Rockies from an amazing viewpoint. Starting in Toronto I played a few sets each day in the lounge car, then some impromptu station shows as we stopped in Winnipeg and Jasper; both gave me the chance to walk around and explore, as I'd never touched down in Manitoba nor Alberta to this point. It really opened my eyes up as to just how big Canada really is... I hadn't felt like a doe-eyed Maritimer like that in a very long time.

I want to send a huge thank you to Via Rail, as well as all the friendly and interesting passengers I had the chance of meeting along the way; it made my journey unique and memorable and I'm grateful for all of you. When I landed in Toronto at the end, as I'd gone from TOR - VAN and back, I was quite exhausted (partially from balancing on a moving train while trying not to hit people with my guitar, and/or fall on my face aha) and eventually found a ride-share with room from a guitar-case and suitcase which took me back to Montreal.

So I'm alive and well, with a few newly penned songs in my pocket and I'm ready to start planning my next album! Stay tuned throughout the coming weeks, I'll be announcing it in much more detail. :)


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