1. Travelin Man
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Travelin Man, written by Mike McKenna Jr.

Mike McKenna Jr - vocals, acoustic guitar
Kento Kataoka - electric guitar, acoustic guitar
Mark Haynes - bass
Shane Barrett - drums

Recorded and Mixed by Simon Petraki at Seratone Studio, Mtl
Mastered by Grey Market Mastering, Mtl


Edward Huxley was a travelin man, lived by the lake in a broken down van
Told me stories of the Mexico night, losing all his money and losing his pride

Oh travelin man, oh travelin man
Oh travelin man, travelin man yeah

He found himself squattin on Indian land, oh it wasn't taken well by the locals back then no
Well the beat him up and left him on the side of the road, but the travelin man he wasn't ready to go

Oh travelin man, oh travelin man yeah yeah
Oh travelin man whoa, travelin man yeah

Lonely stations playin songs for change, no-one stops to listen
Dusty clothes he walks on the other side of the road, with his face in the sun
With his face in the sun whoa

He was rallied by the police down on Highway 5, with a busted up noggin and two black eyes
Well they gave him 5 bucks and a pat on the back, he ain't never had a run-in with the coppers like that no

Oh travelin man, oh travelin man yeah yeah
Oh travelin man who, travelin man yeah

Cuz you can't tell a free spirit how to live his life, and he always keeps movin and always packs light
He'll never be remembered like a mighty oak tree, cause he'd rather cross the desert like a tumbleweed

The travelin man oh lord, travelin man yeah yeah
Travelin man ohh, travelin man ohh,
Travelin man yeah, travelin man ohh