1. Spring, 1823

From the recording Pacific Northwest Bound

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Cold is my face from the wind, tender my skin from the burn
Heavy is the weight on my back, warm are my feet from the earth
I heard the sky speak to me yeah, from the clouds up above
She said the sun would keep me safe and warm, and she'll rain down with love

Say oohh, I'm onna find my way home
Wanna be with my people, and Im'a travel through the ice and snow
Said I wanna be with my people yeah, and the stars tell me where to go

She said the sea is my sister, and she watches over me
I spent too much time helping everything grow, and I miss my family
She said well say hello yeah, and I’ll visit someday soon
Then when the sun set I knew for sure, that she missed her people too

Long is the trail that I follow, steep is the path that it climbs
Rocky is the fall of the unlucky, who suffer from time to time to time to time

And when the sun's coming up, oh I remembered my friend
For the sky must have watched me fall, again and again and again and again